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  • Frequently Asked Questions!

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    Q: How does CashSurfers work?
    A: CashSurfers members can access over $500 worth of great special deals.

    When you sign up for a special offer or deal you directly receive the cash amount listed for that offer or deal.

    Special offers and deals take up to 30 days to be reported by our system in your statistics. Some have instant reporting.

    You will receive a confirmation email once a deal has been reported to us by the merchant.

    You may only sign up for each offer or deal once.

    Most offers or deals are only available to members in the United States or Canada.

    Earnings from special offers or deals are paid out in the month following the completion of the offer or deal as long as you meet the payment minimum.

    Once you have a minimum of $20 (US) or $40 (International) you will receive a address payment confirmation email.

    Once you confirm your address you will be sent a payment.

    Address payment confirmation emails are sent out around the 15th of each month.

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    Q: How much money will I be able to make?
    A: Our goal is to send out as much cash as possible. We want to give you a bigger check than any other program out there. The largest check we sent out was $1205.95! On our home page you can view the top 5 earning members in the last 30 days and the top 5 earning members ever! Some of the great credit card offers that we provide pay anywhere between $15 and $25 per offer. If you complete two or three credit card offers you could receive $30-$45 dollars depending on the offers.

    That is just the tip of the iceberg!

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    Q: How do I add referrals?
    A: You can link to the following URL. Place your username after the equal sign (=).


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    Q: How will I know how many people I have referred?
    A: The number of people you have directly referred can be accessed from the statistics page in the Members section. You may also view the points generated by your direct and indirect referrals. You can not however see the usernames of who you have directly or indirectly referred. You also can not see how many indirect referrals you have.

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    Q: What is Cashsurfers Page-of-Shame?
    A: This is the page where we post all of the usernames of people who spammed or cheated and had their accounts deleted!

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    Q: How much do I make per referrer?
    A: Special Deals: You earn ~10% of the amount of the offers completed by users who you have referred.

    CashBar: You do not earn points directly for signing someone up. You do however earn one point (about 10%) for each banner they view or action they take.

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    Q: Is there an age requirement?
    A: No all ages can use our service, however we do comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. If you are under thirteen years of age you will have to get your parents permission before you can use CashSurfers. Permission can be granted in the form of a digitally signed email, a fax, or a letter. After signing up you will be presented with instructions for sending us the authorization.

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    Q: How can I improve my earning potential?
    A: The best way to increase your earnings with CashSurfers is to sign up for our Special Deals. The Special Deals range anywhere from a few cents to ~$60 per signup. There are a wide range of special deals to choose from. One drawback is that most special deals are for users in the United States only.

    The second best way to increase your earnings is to tell your friends about the program. Do not spam however as your account will be canceled and you will not be paid.

    Lastly, in order to keep up to date on Special Deals and to earn points you should download and install the CashBar Navigator.

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    Q: What is your Anti-Spam Policy?
    A: You must not spam! Your account will be terminated, period! We record all incidents of spam on your account.

    If you do not know someone DO NOT SEND THEM AN EMAIL reguarding CashSurfers. Do not post offtopic information about CashSurfers in message boards of forums. Any of the actions above if reported will result in your account being terminated.

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    Q: What else can I get at Cashsurfers?
    A: CashSurfers offers signing up for special deals and receiving cash at CashSurfers.com.

    We also offer cash back shopping via DonationTree.com. You can send the rebates that you receive to a college savings plan, a charity or other non-profit, your local school, or your favorite website.

    Finally, we offer a free social networking site which includes a friends network, groups, polls, personal browsing, picture rating, classifieds and much more at FriendSurfer.com.

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    Q: How much are points worth?
    A: The payrate (dollars per point) changes each month. It has been as high as $0.25 per hour and as low as $0.001 per hour (1 hour = 1200 points). The payrate takes about 60 days after each month to be calculated. If you have earned $40 (international) or $20 (USA) you will be sent a check.

    The most recent rate was aprx. 1/10ths of a cent per hour.

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    Q: When can I start?
    A: You can start right now!

    #1: Sign up for CashSurfers right now!

    #2: Access over $500 in great special deals right here. Complete enough deals to earn $20*.

    #3: Follow the instructions in the Payment Confirmation email that you will receive in the month after you reach $20*.

    #4: Receive your payment via PayPal or USD Check!

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    Q: How much do I make per hour using the CashBar?
    A: The payrate is determined at the end of every month after we cancel all the cheaters and spammers. You can earn 1200 points an hour with the CashBar. You can see past months in the Members section under "History".

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    Q: When am I going to get a check sent?
    A: You need to have the minimum of $20 in the USA or $40 if you are International. You can check the History Section of the Members area to find out if you have enough money for a check. Due to comfirming revenue and catching cheaters this takes about 60-75 days.

    Payment confirmation emails go out once per month around the 15th. Once you have the minimum required for a payment, an address confirmation email is sent to you. You must follow the instructions in the address confirmation email. Once your address has been confirmed a payment is sent to you.

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    Q: How will I know how much money I have earned?
    A: Check the Stats page and the History section in the Members Area.

    Special Deals: All of the special deals recorded on your account will show up on the Statistics page. In the month after the special deal is completed it will be converted into cash and show up in the History section.

    CashBar: This will show you your points for previous months as well as the payrate when it becomes available. At the end of the month we determine the payrate based on how many hours everyone surfed. We have to audit everyones account to remove spammers and cheaters. We then determine the payrate and send out the checks.

    If you have more than $20 ($40 non-US) in the history section you are eligable for a payment.

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    Q: What if I want to unsubscribe or cancel my CashSurfers account?
    A: You can unsubscribe and/or cancel your account on the Account Information page in the Members Area. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Cancel Account.

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    Q: My points stopped counting!
    A: The statistics page is only updated once an hour. Please make sure you have all of the Critical Updates and Service Packs installed for Windows. You can do this by clicking Tools|Windows Update in Internet Explorer. This is available under the Recommended Updates on the same page. In addition you can download version 1.19 here.

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    Q: What if I cannot remember my password or member ID?
    A: Please click here to have your username and password sent to your email address. You must use the email that you signed up with in order for this to work.

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    Q: What if I want to change my information after joining?
    A: You can visit the Account Information page of the Members area to change your information.

    If you would like to change your country information you will need to email us (click below) with your new country information and we can change it for you.

    You CAN NOT change your username after you join. It is tied into the referral system and can not be modified.

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    Q: How does the CashBar referral payment system work?
    A: This is the exciting part! You get paid one point for each of the banners viewed by people you refer. Up to 4 levels deep! So if you refer a friend and they refer a friend and they refer a friend you get credit for all the time they are using the CashBar.

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